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I am using Lucene 4.6. I created a Lucene IndexWriter(in CREATE MODE) and added documents and committed it(didnt close it). Then ran a search query and stored the results. Again I added documents to the index writer and committed it and closed it. And ran a search query on it. It gave results with new data and old data also. The old data was also present in the index. May i know the way to delete all the data from the index. Is there any way to delete all the documents at a stretch?

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That would be better if you could provide us the code snippet, but it seems the issue is you are using OpenMode.CREATE instead of OpenMode.CREATE_OR_APPEND. In that case, each time you create the IndexWriter object, the old data is overritten, not appended.

Also, make sure you are using the latest version. The current is v4.9.0

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Thanks @serem. Actually i am new to lucene and so i didnt understand the basic functality. I found out that there is a deleteall function which can be used to remove all the previously indexed documents. –  user3916872 Aug 7 '14 at 8:53
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indexwriter.deleteall method will delete all the documents in the index and you can reuse the same indexwriter to build INDEX on new documents and run a search query and close it later when you need

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