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I am writing a web-app that uses a tagging system to organize the user's submitted reports. Part of it uses ajax to get suggestions for tags to present to the user based on the content of their report. I am looking for suggestions on how to present this information for the user.

I'm not quite certain what a friendly way to do this would be.


Well, most of the responses here seem to be focused on the user typing in keywords. The idea I'm trying to define here is more towards presenting the user a set of suggested keywords that they may accept or decline without having to type a tag in manually. (That option is of course still available to them)

---------------------------    # say they can checkoff or select tags they like.
| o[tag2]  x[foo]  o[moo] |
|   x[tag1]   o[bar]      |
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Stackoverflow does it quite well. But they all do it the same anyway. –  Ben Shelock Mar 25 '10 at 17:48

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If I understand what you're asking, jQueryUI includes an autocomplete widget that does this.

alt text

See the working demo here: http://jsbin.com/ezifi

You can modify how the suggestions are presented by monkey-patching the render functions on the autocomplete widget.

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The Google method is one option: an input textbox with suggestions listed drop-box style underneath.

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del.icio.us does it well. They present a list of related tags below a text input into which the user can enter their own tags. Clicking a suggested tag from the list adds it to the input. Nice and simple.

With tags, people are likely going to want to add more than one at a time, so having them exposed right off the bat is helpful.

Some other considerations that might factor into your decision:

  • How many tags will you suggest at any given time? 2? 5? 10? 50?
  • Should the user be forced to use your suggested tags only? Is entering their own a valid option?
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