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By requirement, I'm targeting old legacy Windows systems (9x branch) where getaddrinfo() and freeaddrinfo() are not available.

What can I use instead of that? The code I'm using right now is extracted from the MSDN site (I'm testing it in a Vista computer):

/* WinSock data: */
WSADATA wsaData;
/* Initialize the WinSock data: */
short int iResult = 0;
if (iResult = WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(2,0), &wsaData)) {
    printf("Failed to init Winsock library: %d.\n", iResult);
    return -1;

printf("\n  Opening connection to server.");
/* Variables for a connection: */
struct addrinfo *result = NULL, *ptr = NULL, hints;
/* Initialize the connection: */
ZeroMemory(&hints, sizeof(hints));
hints.ai_family = AF_INET;
hints.ai_socktype = SOCK_STREAM;
hints.ai_protocol = IPPROTO_TCP;
/* Resolve the server address and port: */
if (iResult = getaddrinfo("x", "80", &hints, &result)) {
    printf("Server resolution failed: %d.\n", iResult);
    return -2;
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The old way was gethostbyname and getnameinfo. Usage is explained well here:


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