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  • Iam using codeignitor for the first time..i have creation of bill in the form of timestamp.
  • i want to create sales report on daily,monthly,and yearly basis

"select id from invoice where WEEK(timestamp)=WEEK(NOW())";

  • I was fetching data this way when the datatype of field in database is DATETIME..
  • I need weekly data like this but the field in database is int(storing timestamp).. how to do this in CI
  • i know "date helper " in ci but i dont know how to implement it... or shoiuld i convert date i mysql query itself..anybody?`
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You can't call WEEK() on unix timestamp, SQL is not familiar with it.

You can use FROM_UNIXTIME to convert string to DATETIME, using session timezone.

FROM invoice 
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thanks it worked for me... but why -1??? :( –  NRJ Aug 7 '14 at 12:10

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