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I`m not found correct way to search with linq2sql in DateTime (DateTime?) fields.

db.Items.Where(x => x.DateTime1.ToString().Contains("2014.08"))

Not work, because in linq2sql create CAST([XXXX.DateTime1] AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) = '04 Aug 2014' NOT 2014.08

I try use custom function mapping, but no result

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Why don't you just use the Year and Month property? You should be able to convert the string input into Year and Month number. Then you do something like:

db.Items.Where(x => 
   x.DateTime1.Value.Year == 2014 
   && x.DateTime1.Value.Month == 8)

It will simply be converted to:

WHERE (2014 = (DATEPART (year, [Extent1].[Date]))) 
AND     (8 = (DATEPART (month, [Extent1].[Date])))


You can use SqlFunctions.DatePart and DbFunctions.Right to produce following format yyyy.mm.dd.

db.Items.Where(x => 
    (SqlFunctions.DatePart("yyyy", x.DateTime) + "."
    + DbFunctions.Right("0" + SqlFunctions.DatePart("m", x.DateTime1), 2) + "."
    + DbFunctions.Right("0" + SqlFunctions.DatePart("d", x.DateTime1), 2))
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User type string "2014.08" or "08.08" or "14.08", etc. I need search this in datetime fields. –  Alexandr Sulimov Aug 8 at 14:42
@AlexandrSulimov, I updated my answer. It should produce the format you wanted. You can use this, just in case you want to prevent using interceptor because it's applied globally. –  Yuliam Chandra Aug 8 at 18:13
There are problem. User filter is "12.12" its may be "2012.12.01" or may be "2010.12.12". Or user filter is "12" its any 12 in any datatime. –  Alexandr Sulimov Aug 8 at 18:23
Hmm that should work, I tried with your sample 2012.12.01 and 2012.12.12, and the filters are 12.12 and 12, and both of the datetimes match both filters, because in the database those will be converted to 2012.12.01 and 2012.12.12 and Contains will do string filter –  Yuliam Chandra Aug 9 at 4:08
Thanks, you way is fine. But I can`t crete this query with Expression (stackoverflow.com/questions/25290720/…) –  Alexandr Sulimov Aug 13 at 15:54
  1. Function in MS SQL
CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[ToString](@P sql_variant)
    IF (sql_variant_property(@P, 'BaseType') = 'datetime')
        RETURN CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), @P, 102) + ' ' + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(8), @P, 108);

  1. Create sql execution Interceptor
public class DbCommandInterceptor  : IDbCommandInterceptor 
    public void ReaderExecuting(DbCommand command, DbCommandInterceptionContext<DbDataReader> interceptionContext)
        if (command.CommandText.IndexOf("CAST") != -1)
            command.CommandText = command.CommandText.Replace("CAST(", "dbo.ToString(");
            command.CommandText = command.CommandText.Replace("] AS nvarchar(max))", "])");



  1. Add Interceptor to DbContext
public class DB : DbContext
    public DB(): base(@"Data Source=localhost\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=EFTest")
        DbInterception.Add(new DbCommandInterceptor ());
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