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How can i force from ng-options to skip the first element?

i tried: ng-show="!$first" which works on ng-repeat but it's not working on ng-options

this is my code:

<select data-ng-model="minutes_per_slot" data-ng-options="slot as slot + ' minutes' for slot in all_slots"></select>


$scope.all_slots = ["00","5","10","15","20","25"];

i want no option contains the 00, but i can't remove it from the array.

any suggestions?

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<select data-ng-model="minutes_per_slot" data-ng-options="slot as slot + ' minutes' for slot in all_slots.slice(1)"></select>

Almost the same code, but makes a selection with slice to get everything after the first element. Also still uses ng-options, not option repeating, which is usually an issue in older IE versions.

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 <select data-ng-model="minutes_per_slot" >
    <option ng-repeat="slot in all_slots" value="{{slot}}" ng-if="slot!='00'" >{{slot}} minutes </option>
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You can use ng-repeat on options tag like this

<select data-ng-model="minutes_per_slot">

<option ng-repeat="currentSlot in all_slots" value="slot" ng-if="currentSlot !== '00'" >{{currentSlot}} minutes </option>

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