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How can i get a column in an SSRS 2005 report to render control chars like new lines and tabs?

For example:

    VW.System_name + CHAR(13) + CHAR(9)  + ' > ' + VW.PTS_NAME + CHAR(13) + CHAR(9) + CHAR(9) + ' > ' + VW.FEED_NAME as Name

In SSRS (and SSMS Results to Grid Mode) table will render as:


But i would like (as rendered in SSMS Results to Text Mode):


How can this be done in SSRS 2005?

Edit: the deleted answer suggesting i added CHAR(10) as well as CHAR(13) got the new lines working, but still no tabs.

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please see the below link :


you can use these too:

new line = char(12)

space = char(32)

horizontal tab = char(9)

carriage return = char(15)

vertical tab = char(13)

end of text = char(3)
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I'd offer that new line is char(10)

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