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I wanted to make my website available to just log in with Facebook account but I have some hard times trying to configure it. In HTML I have classical

{{> loginButtons}}

and in js file

"click #login-buttons-facebook":function(e,tmp){

   requestPermissions : 
 },function (err){
     console.log("error when login with facebook " + err);
   } else {
     console.log("login with facebook succeeded");
 });    },

and whenever I'm trying to Sign in with Facebook window pops up for a little while, when I clear browser history it asks for permissions, and then I get error error when login with facebook: Username must have at least 3 characters[403]., without cleaning it just pops and closes. When I use loginButtons and create account manually it all works fine, method Accounts.onCreateUser is working, and I don't know how to connect it to Facebook registration


Ok, finally found solution, really silly tho, simply in onCreateUser you should add

user.username = user.services.facebook.name; 

where facebook can be any other service like twitter, google, github. I don't delete it because someone might find it useful

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