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I have a web app that uses a WCF service that utilizes a behaviorExtension like so:

<add name="clientCredentialsExtension" type="Simon.Web.Giftcard.WCFSecurity.ClientCredentialsExtensionElement, Simon.Web.Giftcard, Version=1.0.3736.20411, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"/>

The problem is this web app's version changes with every compile (i think) and thus invalidating this entry.

How can I avoid having to change the version number every time I compile this? Can I specify the extension in code somewhere?

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Try this:

        type="Simon.Web.Giftcard.WCFSecurity.ClientCredentialsExtensionElement, Simon.Web.Giftcard"/>
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No dice. "Extension element 'clientCredentialsExtension' cannot be added to this element." –  Mr Bell Mar 25 '10 at 19:17
this works for me under .net 4.0 for WCF service. THANKS! –  Roboblob Jun 25 at 15:04

If you are stuck with .NET 3.5 where the configuration bug is not fixed yet, the solution is to implement IServiceBehavior by your service. See this article, example 6-15 .

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This annoying bug bit me before too. I eventually changed all mine to build up in code instead of in the config.

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