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I need to find out, what type of character set it is, if I save an email from outlook 2010 in non-unicode format. At saving you can choose between .msg file and unicode .msg file. Is it depending on the version (english, german, etc.)? How can I find out?

See my screenshot:

enter image description here

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It will use the code page stored in the PR_INTERNET_CPID MAPI property. You can see it in OutlookSpy if you click the IMessage button. An MSG file can be opened by clicking OpenIMsgOnIStg button.

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Ok, thanks for the hint for the tool, but it is really strange. If I save both types (.msg unicode and .msg) both have the codepage 65001 (UTF-8). No difference. But if I open the non-unicode message, i.e. greek signs are displayed as "?". I can't find the difference. :-( –  dns_nx Aug 8 at 5:03
Do you see this behavior in the message body or subject? BTW, why would you ever want to save in the ANSI MSG file format? –  Dmitry Streblechenko Aug 8 at 15:45

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