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Can 1 fixture build on another in pytest? I have a very simple fixture called "cleaner" defined as...

import pytest
from mypackage import db

def cleaner(request):
  def finalizer():

Then in my setup.cfg I have...

norecursedirs = .git venv
usefixtures = cleaner

This results in the database being truncated after each test. Which is great. But now I want other fixtures I make to also call the finalizer from cleaner. Is there a way to define another fixture that somehow expands on or calls cleaner?

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You have to declare that your other fixture depends on cleaner explicitly:

import pytest

def cleaner(request):
  def finalizer():
    print '\n"cleaner" finalized'
  print '\n"cleaner" fixture'

def other(cleaner):
    print '\n"other" fixture'

def test_foo(other):

Running this with py.test -s -v produces:
"cleaner" fixture

"other" fixture
"cleaner" finalized
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