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I am trying to delete a record using the console. I have a model for "User". I tried several methods in the console:

a = User.where(:id => '18')

User.where(:id => '18').destroy
User.where(:id => '18').delete

Using all of these methods, I got the same error: "Wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)"

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


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Raj's suggestion worked. Thanks! –  user1547174 Aug 7 '14 at 17:49

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a = User.find(18)

When we use where, result will be ActiveRecord::Relation, means multiple records, on which you can't call destroy directly. You will need to call destroy by iterating over the result.

users = User.where(:id => 18)

users.each do |user|
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I can add something here, The issue with your code that you are passing string while it expects an integer 'Number'

Your code should be as the following:

a = User.where(:id => 18).first

Without using first array of object will be returned and you can't use destroy method directly on it, in case you don't want to add first then your code should be like:

a = User.where(:id => 18)
a.each do |obj|
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