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I have a problem and I want to implement the MVC pattern to my QT application, that's why I need for example to inherite in my QTableWidget about another class like


but our QTableWidget is contained by our Mainwidows that is designed by the QT designer and generate an ui_MainWindow class !

Do you know how to do that ?

Is that a method inside the Qt Designer to do that ? or another method ?

Thank you for your answer !

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You can use custom objects in QDesigner. Right click on the widget that you want to have as an instance of a something that is not available in designer and select "Promote to ...". In that dialog you can enter a custom class and a include file where the declaration for your class can be found.

BUT Qt implements uses MVC for a lot of the classes look at QTableView as opposed to QTableWidget, QTableView uses QAbstractItemModel as the model class and there is a pretty strict separation between the view and the model. See also An Introduction to Model/View Programming @ Nokia

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Wow I never knew you could promote widgets like that, cool – iain Mar 25 '10 at 23:28
@Harald: Thank you for your answer – Jaguar Mar 26 '10 at 10:26

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