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This has been beating me for a few hours now and it's time to ask. I have ran the Apps for Office tutorial inside Visual Stutio and it works fine--I can see the Task Pane in excel with all buttons and functions properly. However, I'm trying to integrate Apps for Office into our existing MVC project. All comes up and I can see the Apps for Office page in the browser but then get "Undefined is not a function" in the following Microsoft.Office.js module snippet while doing "window.external.GetContext()":

OSF.InitializationHelper.prototype.getAppContext=function      OSF_InitializationHelper$getAppContext(wnd, gotAppContext) {
    if (this._hostInfo.isRichClient) {
        var returnedContext;
        **var context=window.external.GetContext();**
        var appType=context.GetAppType();
        var appTypeSupported=false;

Any ideas?

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I've just ran into exactly the same problem. How did you manage to fix it? –  Alex Sanséau Feb 11 at 15:06

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