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I'm trying to run an AWS Instance for as cheap as possible and I can see from the pricing history that in availability zone us-east-1d the current price is at $0.25 but in us-east-1a the price is $9.60.

I put in a request for $0.3 and it's saying my request is lower than the minimum fulfillment price of $9.60. There was nowhere to specify the availability zone in the request wizard but there must be a way to get it cheaper than $9.60 which is way over the on-demand price!

Am I doing it wrong somehow or is there a way to do this?

Edit: added image of wizard, where's the option to specify availability zone?


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On step 3 you should have the option to set your availability zone preference. Default option is "No Preference".

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Added image of the options I get in step 3, as you can see us-east-1d is so much cheaper! In the help files I saw the option to specify availability zones underneath "Launch group" but I don't seem to have that. –  Mark Gifford Aug 7 at 21:01
You get the option to select zone based with classic. However with VPC, your subnet is already assigned to a specific zone. It appears the only way to change that is to create a new subnet. –  datasage Aug 7 at 22:38

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