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I have two NSDates as base conditions which I will call Date1 and Date2.

I need to count objects and have three totals. I don't actually need the objects, just the counts.

Group1 = objects greater than Date1. 
Group2 = objects greater than Date2.  
Group3 = objects greater than both dates.

I have two methods, each return one base date (Date1, Date2). Right now, I run a for loop on my arrays and use if statements to determine if the object belongs to group1, group2 or group3.

It works, but it's not pretty. I thought about implementing a while loop, but my arrays aren't ordered, so I would have to sort them, which would be about the same work.

I'm trying to find a cleaner solution,if possible, without using if statements.

Any suggestions?

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What's wrong with if statements?? –  Hot Licks Aug 7 '14 at 19:23

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Observe that the count of Group3 will match one of Group2 or Group1, depending on whether Date1 is less than or greater than Date2 (the counts will match if Date1==Date2). This observation lets you keep two counters instead of three, and compute the third counter after the loop by comparing Date1 to Date2, and picking the corresponding value for Group3's count.

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