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I am using your stacked column js plugin in rails application.

I am having the JSON / Array data. Data on the graph will be display with column JS graph. Each column in the graph is having some events and more data calculations that will need to display in the form of pie charts / images respected to the calculation.

The problem is I need to add additional image / graph on each column of original graph in addition with images and some different layouts and horizontal lines.


1. Need to show date vs time graph 
2. It will display some events of particular date.
3. On stacked column JS bar graph I want to show on more small pie charts / circular images which will show the events on the graph.
4. I am having the JSON / array data. I just need to show that in graphical format.
5. After showing the data in graph format user will able to see details of events in the form of some other graphs or images.
6. Those I need to assign on my main graph.

Proposed approach: Will need to pass some HTML to JS to manage the UI and background.

I am really stuck with this problem. How can I customize the stacked column js to add or link additional graphs or images.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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How about using scatter series to mark these events? Pie charts can have only fixed positions in pixels (like this example). –  PaweĊ‚ Fus Aug 11 at 10:03

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