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I'm using paperclip to upload images. What I want is, when the file exists, instead of this create a new record, update the last one with the name of file. In paperclip, the file was named path.

I'm trying this:

 def create
   @photo =, params[:path]).last
   @photo =

My file input name is photo[path]

I want to add just path value to an already existing row: enter image description here

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It may help you – RAJ Aug 7 '14 at 19:33

You can use some Rails magic here, specifically the find_or_create_by and its variants. For example, if you do this:

@photo =[:path])

It will first look for an entry with that path, and create a new one if it can't find it. Note that you can also use Ruby's try method instead of the if params[:path] block.

Please see the documentation for more info on find_or_create_by.

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