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Hello foursquare developers around the world.

I hope you can help me with my question I would like to use place data from places nearby. The data comes from foursquare and Facebook and will be merged.

  • listing of venues by rating (average rating of foursquare and facebook)
  • profil picture shows logo of the venue. (data from fb)
  • main image (data from fs)
  • information for the place from foursquare and fb.

Is it allowed to show an average rating for a place? If not: is it allowed when the user can see where the rating and other data comes from (fs and fb logo will be showed to their information).. Do I have to mention both services in the app?

Does the usage of the foursquare developer service cost something when published? Does foursquare check the app before it goes online?

Thank you for your answer!

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