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I am new to Chef and I have noticed several cookbooks require both apt and yum in their metadata (example https://github.com/mdxp/nodejs-cookbook/). From what I understand, this is a contradictory requirement (use either apt or yum). When trying to provision with Chef when setting up a Vagrant VM, I get an error about the yum-epl cookbook not being included, even though I am using a Ubuntu box. Are conflicts like these supposed to be resolved automagically and something is wrong with my Vagrant configuration, or is this a poor set up cookbook? Drilling down through nodejs -> yum-epl -> yum cookbooks, I noticed that yum ultimately does not support Ubuntu.

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The dependencies are against the "yum" and "apt" chef cookbooks not the software. Check the following receipe : github.com/mdxp/nodejs-cookbook/blob/master/recipes/… There is a platform check to see which cookbook is applied at runtime –  Mark O'Connor Aug 7 '14 at 21:47

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This cookbook require all package manager but choose internally https://github.com/mdxp/nodejs-cookbook/blob/master/attributes/default.rb#L22

You must satisfy all requirements but it use apt, yum or source act on OS..

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