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I have a template that gets multiple user inputs. For one of these specific inputs, I wanted to automatically create a new page with the content of that input.


Data = Data1

I want to have a page automatically created from what was inputted into Data. So, a new subpage of the current page (called Data) would be created. has the following


Is this possible in MediaWiki software, either by an extension or the software itself?

EDIT: This extension will do basically what I described above. It will define data to a page that doesn't exist and allow you to retrieve this data for usage elsewhere.

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Extensions that might help you:

More important: Using Semantic MediaWiki (and possibly also WikiDB, I haven't tried that), you can also find far more convenient ways to store data, than by creating pages like you are suggesting. I can't think of any scenario where creating pages just for storing data from a template would be the best option.

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