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I have an img within an link within a list:

<li class="list-group-item">
   <a class="video-thumbnail-link" href="javascript:void(0)" data-bind="click: (function(guid){ x.y.z.someFunction(guid); }).bind($data, $data.Guid)">
     <img class ="video-thumbnail-icon" alt="picture" src="/Content/Images/picture.ico" />
   <a class="anotherrandomcss" ...>
     <img class="randomcss" ></img>

I want the first image to appear only on a .hover but I know img does not support CSS .hover so I apply it to the link. My css :

height: 20px;
left: 100px;
position: absolute;
width: 20px;

 .video-thumbnail-link {
visibility: hidden;

.video-thumbnail-link a:hover {
visibility: visible;

This hides my link and my img but on hover, it doesn't reappear.

Any idea how I could do this?

Btw, the only reason why I don't use background img is that in the same li, there is another img and this one is bound with knockout and it hides the other images's background. The first one needs to appear on top.

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src attribute is required when using img element otherwise you face some problem with safari. –  Kheema Pandey Aug 8 '14 at 4:11
looking like this. jsbin.com/bekarepu/1/edit –  Kheema Pandey Aug 8 '14 at 4:15
@KheemaPandey Whats the difference? It doesnt work in my code –  phadaphunk Aug 8 '14 at 5:01
on hover you want to show the first image right? –  Kheema Pandey Aug 8 '14 at 5:17
The second image (which details I didnt display because they are in knockout and irrelevant) is always displayed. When I hover on the First or Second link, the first image must appear on top of the second –  phadaphunk Aug 8 '14 at 5:20

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So what I did here; hide the a tag and since all img and a tag inside the li. so on :hover I just make it visible.

Check DEMO.

.video-thumbnail-link {
    visibility: hidden;

.list-group-item:hover a {
visibility: visible;
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