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Im trying to get the serial number of a USB device on Windows CE 6.0.

I wanted to use the following function: MSDN Link

#include <usbclient.h>

    // Get handle for the usb drive
    if (hDrive == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)

    // Get USB_FUNCS from device
    WORD wStat;
    USB_FUNCS usbFuncs;
    if (!GetStatus(&usbFuncs, hDrive, NULL, NULL, USB_SEND_TO_DEVICE, 0, &wStat, 2000))

With the USB_FUNCS struct i can get the serial number of my USB device. The function exists in the header file, but i always get the following error:

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "GetStatus" in function ""public: __cdecl CUSBDeviceInfo::CUSBDeviceInfo(void)" (??0CUSBDeviceInfo@@QAA@XZ)". USBDeviceInfo.obj

I think i need to import a library to my project, but there is no information about a library on MSDN. Does anyone know if i need to import a library (and which library)?

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From what I see you need to link with usbclient.lib and usbd.lib. If you dont have access to it then you are left with LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress - probably it will be in usbd.dll, but I am not sure if it will always work. I suppose those libs are included with your platform SDK. I am application side developer, I have little to no experience with building platforms.

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These libraries are not included in my SDK and i can't find any information about those libraries. But thanks for your reply! – Jonas Spitzenpfeil Aug 11 '14 at 8:09

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