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I am getting this error for re-declaring saveorder() however, I don't think I am?!?

Cannot redeclare saveorder() (previously declared in :10) on line 71

8.function saveOrder()
10. include 'tables.php';
11. $orderId       = 0;
12. $shippingCost  = 5;


68. }
69. echo $orderId;
70. return $orderId;
71. }
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You could be including the file that contains the function more than once:

  include 'file.php';
  include 'file2.php';


  include 'file2.php';

Cannot redeclare saveorder() (previously declared in :10) on line 71

Either use include_once or require_once to make sure it doesn't happen (this can cause problems if you try to include it twice in two separate locations (like first in a file, then later inside a function for some reason, the second one will not work if you include the _once part).

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You must be including the current file (where the lines are from) multiple times.

An easy fix is using

if (!function_exists('saveOrder')) {
  function saveOrder() {...}

However, I recommend creating a new functions.php file, including in only once, and placing all functions there.

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Either tables.php contains a function also called saveOrder(), or the file you posted actually IS tables.php. PHP can't have 2 functions with the same name in the same namespace.

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When I comment out line 10. it simply moves the error onto line 11? –  Tom Mar 25 '10 at 23:19

I think this must be a bug in PHP since where you have ":10" I get all sort of strange symbols that do not occur anywhere in my code - ie. one time it might be ":0", next time ":196870" and the next time "!qhsu89s3". I also find that if I wait around a bit before refreshing then it normally sorts itself out.

Not too encouraging I have to say, but I presume a problem with PHP on Windows.

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this could also be caused be saveorder() being delcared inside another function that is called multiple times.


function func1()
   function saveorder()
       echo 'x';

for ($i=0;$i<2;++$i)
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