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As mentioned here to use passwordless authentication I have to provide --oauth_refresh_token. To obtain token I have to look in .appcfg_oauth_tokens, but since I use gcloud command line tool credentials are now stored in $GCLOUD_SDK_CONF/credentials. If I get refresh token from there and run upload --oauth_refresh-token= app/ my app can be succesfully uploaded, when I provide this refresh token to Travis configuration I got unauthorized client

ERROR Failed to retrieve access token: { "error" : "unauthorized_client" }

Is there any way to get refresh token for Travis (I also tried with native support GAE deploy, but the same thin happend).


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I was confused with from gcloud tools and google app engine itself. Switching back to GAE resolved the issue (i.e. /usr/local/google_appengine/ --oauth2 --noauth_local_webserver update .) And now I have as stated .appcfg_oauth2_tokens where refresh_token is saved. I can use this token to auto deploy app when build is successful.

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