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I'm very new at Objective-C programming, I have a MacOSX project, with a simple UI code. It has a login function.

I have a .a extension c++11 static library, with two public headers. One includes . I d like to import the library with the headers to my project. It makes the login to my server.

I made a c++ static library target to the code, and imported the needed files, set the c++ flags (stdlib=libstdc++ and -std=c++11) and added gcc49 to search paths. But I get file not found exception to #include in my c++ header.

Have somebody a good tutorial how to solve my problem?

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So you are developing the C++ static library? Why gcc49 and not clang? –  Droppy Aug 8 '14 at 11:03
If I know well, Clang does not contains all c++11 headers, I'm compiling with clang, but I need some headers (atomic, mutex, ...) that I didn't found at XCode Clang directory. At I read in this(stackoverflow.com/questions/14136128/…) question, clang does not support these c++11 variables. and according to (stackoverflow.com/questions/10308167/…) I have to include gcc, the latest stable version I could download from MacPorts is gcc49 –  kisstajmi Aug 8 '14 at 11:14

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