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I want to use new line characters with my push notifications alert title.

What I'm trying to achieve is basically this:

I have an alert title "Title. Body." I want "Body." to start from a new line. Using "Title.\nBody." doesn't work I've already tested it. Any ideas?

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message:[NSString stringWithFormat:@" /n message"]; –  vishnuvarthan Aug 8 at 13:05
@vishnuvarthan omg... your slash is of wrong direction... don't post to stack overflow EVER if you are not 100500% sure for your words –  Petro Korienev Aug 8 at 13:16
@PetroKorienev C's string escape character is, as in many other languages, a backslash "\". –  Nikolai Ruhe Aug 8 at 13:25
@NikolaiRuhe why do you tell this to me? I know this perfectly. I was talking about wrong slash in vishnuvarthan's comment –  Petro Korienev Aug 8 at 13:26
@PetroKorienev Sorry, I did not see the previous comment. –  Nikolai Ruhe Aug 8 at 13:29

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