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For various reasons, UINavigationBar of UINavigationViewController doesn't suit me (I need a different colour of navigation bar in each VC and this causes visible bugs while pushing/popping between VCs).

So I decided to hide the navigation bar in UINavigationController and use a separate navigation bar in each VC.

In each VC, I create and configure its own navigation bar, and also configure its UINavigationItem. I also create the back button manually (I use self.navigationItem.leftBarButtonItem for it) because UINavigationItem doesn't push or pop (doesn't have a 'native' back button).

The problem is that I'm now missing the 'swipe-to-pop' gesture. Everything works fine except this.

I tried to use this answer's Changing back button in iOS 7 disables swipe to navigate back but it didn't help. Installing self as self.navigationController.interactivePopGestureRecognizer.delegate led to crashes. And other answers just didn't change anything. Does anyone have insight on how to enable this feature?

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