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Currently I use AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT which gives me data with no geo information.

I use AWQL query:

SELECT CampaignId,CampaignName, AdGroupId,AdGroupName, Id, KeywordId,Url, Impressions, Clicks, Cost FROM AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT WHERE Status IN [ENABLED, PAUSED] AND Impressions>0 DURING YESTERDAY

I also need to get geo information additionally to current. In your docs I found 2 reports, that gives geo data: CLICK_PERFORMANCE_REPORT and GEO_PERFORMANCE_REPORT. CLICK_PERFORMANCE_REPORT doesn't give information about Cost and Impressions, GEO_PERFORMANCE_REPORT doesn't give information about Keywords and Ads.

Is there any way to get geo information additionally to AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT, cause even using both CLICK_PERFORMANCE_REPORT and GEO_PERFORMANCE_REPORT doesn't give enough data to fully supplement AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT with geo information?

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