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Using .Net how do I use the Sort method to sort an Array in reverse i.e. Z to A?

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Provide an appropriate element comparer. What C# version do you use? 3 lets you do this:

Array.Sort(myarray, (a, b) => b.CompareTo(a));
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You need to pass a IComparer object or Comparison delegate to the Sort function.

Here is a sample code from C# 2.0

   Array.Sort(array,delegate(string a, string b)
        return b.CompareTo(a);

EDIT: missed the array bit.

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Why not simply return b.CompareTo(a)? – Chris Marasti-Georg Oct 30 '08 at 23:09
Yeah, that's better. – Michał Piaskowski Oct 30 '08 at 23:14
There are actually two important differences here: 1) What should happen to null strings? Often when reversing comparisons you don't want to reverse what happens to nulls. Just a thought. 2) Returning -a.CompareTo(b) (i.e. pre-edit) causes problems if int.MinValue is returned by a.CompareTo(b). – Jon Skeet Oct 31 '08 at 7:16
I'm pretty sure most string sorting algorithms, like this one, would throw NullReferenceExceptions if there is a null value in the list. However, the point you bring up in #1 remains for empty strings. – Chris Marasti-Georg Oct 31 '08 at 11:28

if you use a different comparitor that is the reverse of the standard that would do it.

Alternatively sort it normally and then reverse it...

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