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Hey, I'm just wondering what code I could use to auto change the size of the video being embedded before it gets displayed.

Example, I need to have it find all instances of this

width="any value" height="any value"

and replace them with this

width="540" height="405"

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How exactly are you embedding the video? There are javascript libraries such as swfobject or jQuery Media that allow you to set the height/width of a flash object when the page loads.

Alternatively you could use a little bit of jQuery to alter the height/width attributes after the fact.

$('object').attr('height', 405);
$('object').attr('width', 540);
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Thanks it worked! –  Belgin Fish Mar 26 '10 at 11:57

Or you could just wrap them in a common div. Class it with something like .videoWrap

then you could simply style it as:

.videoWrap object, .videoWrap embed{
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