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I am trying to create a swift-based iOS 8 framework, and wanted to include Firebase framework into it. The instructions on Firebase site are only for importing Firebase into iOS apps, which uses bridging headers. Per Apple's instructions, bridging headers don't seem to apply to a Swift framework importing an Objective-C framework. I was looking at the Importing External Frameworks section on the Apple link. It specifies that: "When you import an external framework, make sure the Defines Module build setting for the framework you’re importing is set to Yes."

Despite that, I tried to manually create bridging header and adjusted Swift Compiler - Code Generation Building Settings, to no avail.

Would you know if the Firebase framework has Defines Module build setting set to Yes? If it does, then I'll keep digging into why I get "Use of unresolved identifier Firebase" after explicitly following Firebase instructions a few times. I am using Xcode 6 Beta 5. Any other suggestions and work-arounds are also deeply appreciated.

Here is a work-around I tried, that did not work:

In Xcode 6 Beta 5, I created a new Objective-C framework - SwiftFirebase. In it, I

  1. imported Firebase framework, and the other five frameworks
  2. set the -ObjC flag
  3. copied references of all the .h files in Firebase Headers folder into the new framework - SwiftFirebase.
  4. made those references from Project to Public
  5. imported into the SwiftFirebase umbrella header
  6. ensured that Defines Modules was enabled. It was, by default.
  7. Build for Running.

Created a new Swift-based Framework: TestFramework to test the above SwiftFirebase, where I

  1. Added SwiftFirebase from Debug-iphonesimulator into the new library
  2. Created a new swift class
  3. Imported SwiftFirebase
  4. Added an init method, where I put in the sample swift code from Firebase quick-start.
  5. Build for Running
  6. Got an error compiling: "Firebase/Firebase.h not found"

My guess is that copying references of header files from a Firebase into another Objective-C framework and making them public is not an effective way of manipulating files. :)

Hate to wait for Apple's fix. Anything else I could try? Did I miss something in the above steps that you could think of? Many thanks!

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Thank you, Frank. I did check that one. It is related to missing two frameworks from the list of five that Firebase requires. I have all of those already imported. My question is about importing Objective-C frameworks into a Swift framework. To recreate my issue, I opened Xcode and created a New > Project > iOS > Framework & Library > Cocoa Touch Framework, specified Swift as the language, and then ran through all the steps that Firebase recommends. – GST Aug 8 '14 at 22:50
@GST Did you have any luck with it? – Ravi Sep 30 '15 at 16:10
Had a similar problem, but it was solved after MANUALLY creating bridging header and including <Firebase/Firebase.h>. Weird, but worked for me. – Alexey Mar 30 at 3:57

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