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Im a newnie to rails and im currently trying to create a gemfile from a rails 2 project and make bundler work. i have followed the instructions on bundler website and i cant seem to find any config.gem statements any of the .rb files on the /config folder of my project. any help will be appriciated here is a copy of my environments.rb file;

RAILS_GEM_VERSION = '2.1.1' unless defined? RAILS_GEM_VERSION
# Bootstrap the Rails environment, frameworks, and default configuration
require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'boot')
Rails::Initializer.run do |config|
# Your secret key for verifying cookie session data integrity.
# If you change this key, all old sessions will become invalid!
# Make sure the secret is at least 30 characters and all random, 
# no regular words or you'll be exposed to dictionary attacks.
config.action_controller.session = {

# Activate observers that should always be running
config.active_record.observers = :user_observer

config.time_zone = "Chennai"

config.load_paths << File.join(RAILS_ROOT, %w[app sweepers])

config.cache_store = :file_store, "#{RAILS_ROOT}/tmp/cache"


require 'ruport'
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