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The webshims for my form work fine on initial page load, but don't after I navigate to another page.

I have tried calling updatePolyfill in handlers and it doesn't fix the issue.

$.webshim.setOptions ...

// none of these fixes the issue
$(document).on "page:load", ->

$(document).ready ->
    // same deal (using jquery.turbolinks)

How can I load the shims after navigating away from the initial page?

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how did you added polyfill in you document. –  Paritosh Piplewar Aug 8 at 18:39
@ParitoshPiplewar it's in application.js. The shims are not included but are located in vendor. –  blu Aug 8 at 18:43
can you just confirm it by putting alert('foo') in $(document).on "page:load" callback is it executing ? –  Paritosh Piplewar Aug 8 at 18:53
@ParitoshPiplewar already confirmed –  blu Aug 8 at 18:53
so, it is not executing ? –  Paritosh Piplewar Aug 8 at 18:54

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