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In my mapReduce code I need a task that is not parallel is run after running reducers in stage 1. This task needs output of reducers in stage 1. Then I want to use output of this task in mappers and reducers in stage 2. Since this task is not a parallel task, I do not need write a MapReduce code for it. Which part of my code should I write its code?

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So if I understand well, you have two separete mapreduce jobs? One for stage1 and second for stage2? Quite easy solution for this case could be using Oozie workflow. I am using similar workflow to query external apis (without prallel run):

<workflow-app name="TEST" xmlns="uri:oozie:workflow:0.4">
    <start to="Test"/>
    <action name="Test">
            <java-opts>-Xms128M -Xmx2048M</java-opts>
        <ok to="end"/>
        <error to="kill"/>
    <kill name="kill">
        <message>Action failed, error message[${wf:errorMessage(wf:lastErrorNode())}]</message>
    <end name="end"/>

Just put stage1 job before this java job and stage2 after that.

Hope it helps

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Thanks for your answer. where should I put code of task that is not parallel? it should be run between stage1 and stage2 – SNSI Aug 9 '14 at 15:01

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