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I am able finally to link my 32 bits test program on MacOSX with Sketchup slapi framework, but SUEntitiesGetNumFaces always return 0 faces even on a model coming from Trimble samples and that can be opened with Sketchup viewer...

The program is the test program that comes with the slapi framework... I have no logs, no memory error, no library error... Only zero face... I have no idea witch settings I can check right now...

Here is the sample program:

#include <slapi/slapi.h>
#include <slapi/geometry.h>
#include <slapi/initialize.h>
#include <slapi/unicodestring.h>
#include <slapi/model/model.h>
#include <slapi/model/entities.h>
#include <slapi/model/face.h>
#include <slapi/model/edge.h>
#include <slapi/model/vertex.h>
#include <vector>

static int _load (char * filename) {
  char * sname = strrchr (filename, '/');
  if (sname) sname++;
  else sname = filename;
  fprintf (stderr, "\n%s: loading\n", sname);

  // Load the model from a file
  SUModelRef model = SU_INVALID;
  SUResult res = SUModelCreateFromFile(&model, filename);

  // It's best to always check the return code from each SU function call.
  // Only showing this check once to keep this example short.
  if (res != SU_ERROR_NONE)
    return 0;

  // Get the entity container of the model.
  SUEntitiesRef entities = SU_INVALID;
  SUModelGetEntities(model, &entities);

  // Get all the faces from the entities object
  size_t faceCount = 0;
  SUEntitiesGetNumFaces(entities, &faceCount);
  size_t materialCount = 0;
  SUModelGetNumMaterials (model, & materialCount);
  fprintf (stderr, "- %s: the model has %ld faces, %ld materials\n",
           sname, faceCount, materialCount);

  if (faceCount > 0) {
    std::vector<SUFaceRef> faces(faceCount);
    SUEntitiesGetFaces(entities, faceCount, &faces[0], &faceCount);

    // Get all the edges in this face
    for (size_t i = 0; i < faceCount; i++) {
      size_t edgeCount = 0;
      SUFaceGetNumEdges(faces[i], &edgeCount);
      if (edgeCount > 0) {
        std::vector<SUEdgeRef> edges(edgeCount);
        SUFaceGetEdges(faces[i], edgeCount, &edges[0], &edgeCount);

        // Get the vertex positions for each edge
        for (size_t j = 0; j < edgeCount; j++) {
          SUVertexRef startVertex = SU_INVALID;
          SUVertexRef endVertex = SU_INVALID;
          SUEdgeGetStartVertex(edges[j], &startVertex);
          SUEdgeGetEndVertex(edges[j], &endVertex);
          SUPoint3D start;
          SUPoint3D end;
          SUVertexGetPosition(startVertex, &start);
          SUVertexGetPosition(endVertex, &end);
          // Now do something with the point data

  // Get model name
  SUStringRef name = SU_INVALID;
  SUModelGetName(model, &name);
  size_t name_length = 0;
  SUStringGetUTF8Length(name, &name_length);
  char* name_utf8 = new char[name_length + 1];
  SUStringGetUTF8(name, name_length + 1, name_utf8, &name_length);

  fprintf (stderr, "- %s: unloading...\n", sname);

  // Now we have the name in a form we can use
  delete []name_utf8;

  // Must release the model or there will be memory leaks

  return 1;

int main (int argc, char * argv[]) {
  // Always initialize the API before using it

  size_t major, minor;
  SUGetAPIVersion (& major, & minor);
  char * ptr = strrchr (argv[0], '/');
  if (! ptr) ptr = argv[0];
  else ptr++;
  fprintf (stderr, "%s - slapi %ld.%ld\n", ptr, major, minor);

  // Load the model from a file
  for (int i = 1; i < argc; i++) {
    _load (argv[i]);

  // Always terminate the API when done using it
  return 0;
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What is returned from SUEntitiesGetNumFaces? – Bugra Barin Aug 10 '14 at 3:29
Also, have you checked the model and entities objects? That they are valid and you received no errors earlier? – thomthom Aug 11 '14 at 10:36
I have found the problem: this is simply the version number of the SKP file... Opening these files with Sketchup Viewer, saving them, and they can be opened... – user3903667 Aug 12 '14 at 11:48
Thank you for your help – user3903667 Aug 12 '14 at 11:49

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