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What is the equivalent of destination-type from jms:listener-container in JavaConfig?

I have checked in the API these two following classes without results.

I am trying to create consumers for a topic, many tutorials in the web use destination-type="topic"

According with the 23.6 JMS Namespace Support section, there is the Table 23.2. Attributes of the JMS element table. Where for the destination-type attribute says:

The JMS destination type for this listener: queue, topic or durableTopic. The default is queue.

For the audience: consider the two following links if you are trying to do a migration from jms:listener-container and jms:listener for JavaConfig.

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When in doubt, look at the parser (in this case AbstractListenerContainerParser); that attribute doesn't map to a single property, it maps to pubSubDomain and subscriptionDurable...

    String destinationType = ele.getAttribute(DESTINATION_TYPE_ATTRIBUTE);
    boolean pubSubDomain = false;
    boolean subscriptionDurable = false;
    if (DESTINATION_TYPE_DURABLE_TOPIC.equals(destinationType)) {
        pubSubDomain = true;
        subscriptionDurable = true;
    else if (DESTINATION_TYPE_TOPIC.equals(destinationType)) {
        pubSubDomain = true;
    else if ("".equals(destinationType) || DESTINATION_TYPE_QUEUE.equals(destinationType)) {
        // the default: queue
    else {
        parserContext.getReaderContext().error("Invalid listener container 'destination-type': " +
                "only \"queue\", \"topic\" and \"durableTopic\" supported.", ele);
    configDef.getPropertyValues().add("pubSubDomain", pubSubDomain);
    configDef.getPropertyValues().add("subscriptionDurable", subscriptionDurable);
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I checked the source code of that class in Github - seems it is not the same against this URL: github.com/spring-projects/spring-framework/blob/master/… –  Manuel Jordan Aug 9 at 1:52
Could be improved the Spring Reference documentation about this situation? let me know to create a JIRA issue. –  Manuel Jordan Aug 9 at 2:19
Yeah, I just happened to have 4.0.3 in my IDE - it was updated recently for the JMS Annotation support: github.com/spring-projects/spring-framework/blame/master/… - feel free to open a documentation improvement JIRA issue. –  Gary Russell Aug 9 at 11:51
Thank you Gary, Done: jira.spring.io/browse/SPR-12073 –  Manuel Jordan Aug 9 at 13:25

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