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I have an iOS native app.

I have an API developed in Rails (4.1.4), which lives at : http://api.myapp.local:5000.

I have configured my /etc/hosts to do my basic API / web development, no problem everything work perfectly.

My problem is that I want to consume my local API through my iOS app (in an actual device, not in simulator) over WiFi.

Here's what I've tested (that does not work)

  • Using with my local en0 inet ip with thin webserver.
  • Using with my local en0 inet ip with pow webserver.
  • I've done some port forwarding to connect via my public IP

The problem is essentially due to the subdomain, indeed: all above solutions work if my app doesn't have any subdomain. (I can reach my local API this way, but this is not what I want)

My issue is that I can't tell my iOS app, "connect to this IP, using this subdomain"

I probably have a lack of knowledge in term of network, but I'm really annoyed by this problem, since I really need to test my local webserver with my iOS app.

Here is what my routes file looks like:

constraints subdomain: 'api', format: 'json' do
  scope module: :api do
    scope module: :v1, constraints: 1, default: true) do
      resources :packs, only: [:index, :show]
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Are you talking about testing w/ a device or in the simulator? – jakenberg Aug 8 '14 at 22:03
I've updated, I'm testing on a real device. – beNjiox Aug 8 '14 at 22:06

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Since you're testing on a device, you do not have any networking access to your computer, which is hosting the server.

You may use an application like Charles to setup a proxy. There is WireShark as well. Upon setting either up, you would point your device to your computer via wifi settings on the phone.

Both options take some time & basic networking understanding to setup.


You're alternative to that would be to test from the iOS simulator. I highly advise this route because this requires no setup, just point your requests to http://api.myapp.local:5000 & you're good to go.

The last option you have would be to setup a "staging" server and point your requests to that domain and then compile the app to the device.

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Unfortunately, I'm not the iOS developer on the team so even if I could install the XCode environment to get the simulator, this is not my favorite solution. Using a staging server is not really a solution either, since it won't be flexible to try new things quickly (will need to update the staging everytime I want to try something). I will try Charles and see how it goes. Thanks for the help. – beNjiox Aug 8 '14 at 23:59
Then your solution is to setup a proxy to your computer and then run rails s. Subsequently, your iOS dev needs to point all requests to the url & connect to the wifi proxy you created. Notice that you must be on the same wifi connection. If that's not the case, then one of you is downloading the other's environment to test, or you need to create a server instance to have him point his requests to. – jakenberg Aug 9 '14 at 0:01

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