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I am looking to build a new website using Windows Azure and SQL Azure. Does anyone know of any commerical or free CMS systems that I can use as the Web Role and that will connect and use SQL Azure as the storage?

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Composite C1

Look at Composite C1, it runs well on Azure and has good support and migration tools. Its built in .NET and is open source (under the Mozilla Public License 1.1).

It supports a range of technologies of your choice of ASP.NET Razor, Web Forms and XSLT. The underlying datastore can be either local XML files or SQL server, and switching between the two is easy.

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* – mawtex Mar 3 '11 at 20:13
1… Check my two blog posts, they are featuring some stuff related to C1 on Azure. But most important, how easy it is for you to create a website. (its mostly about azure websites, I will write something up in a few weeks showing Webroles and what you can do with the Composite C1 Azure Webrole) – pksorensen May 30 '13 at 18:48


Orchard is a free, open source CMS built for Azure. You can download it at It's written using .NET 4.0/ASP.NET MVC. You can learn more at Orchard's website.

While Orchard was the original for Web Roles/SQL Azure you can now also run..

(links are references to azure compatibility:

Keep in mind Azure also now offers VM Roles, where you can spin up a Windows Server instance or even Linux instances so there's basically no limit to what you can run on "Azure" today, it just depends on if you want to use the infrastructure as a service (VMs) or the platform as a service, like web roles/SQL Azure/Azure Websites.

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You might take a look at mojoPortal the zip file is

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I have found what I have been seeking; The Orchard Project, an open source .NET MVC3 CMS by Microsoft employees. Check out the video where it even shows multi-tenancy capabilities for Azure and other powerful features; Here's it the documentation, under "Hosting and Deploying Websites" you will find how to deploy to Azure and how to enable multi-tenancy; From reading the reviews, I think Orchard CMS is shining already.

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Kentico CMS is a .NET CMS that has both paid and free versions for both on premise and Azure deployments.

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At PDC 2008 microsoft announced that share point would have a home in the cloud. I have always been conserned about performance with sharepoint

I am looking to build one. I have an idea that would allow me to use the new IUpdatable interface to version content as an auditing step in a work flow.

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