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I'm trying to get simple search to work on my Rails app. I just have two selectors to chose from: (a) kind and (b) location_id. The form shows up, values selectable, params pass through in url. However, nothing shows up when I submit even if there is a something to match it. I checked in my active admin and there were places to match the search parameters.

This is my places_controller.rb

def index
   @places =[:kind],[:location_id])

My place.rb

def, location_id)
  return scoped unless kind.present? || location_id.present?
  where(['kind = ? AND location_id = ?', kind, location_id])

and my search form _home.html.erb

<%= form_tag places_path, :method => 'get' do %>
    <form class="form-inline text-center" role="form" action="/places">
        <div class="form-group">
           <%= label_tag :kind %>
           <%= select_tag :kind, options_for_select([['beer','0'],['chocolate','1'],['cocktail','2'], ['coffee','3'], ['tea','4'], ['wine','5'], ['juice','6']]), class: "form-control" %>
         <div class="form-group">
            <%= label_tag :location_id %><br>
            <%= select_tag :location_id, options_for_select([['Houston','0'],['San Francisco','1'],['Santiago','2'], ['Valparaiso','3'], ['Rio de Janeiro','4'], ['Milan','5'], ['Palo Alto','6'], ['Las Vegas','7'], ['New York','8'], ['San Diego','9']]), class: "form-control" %>
          <div class="actions">
          <span itemprop="significantLink">
          <%= submit_tag 'Search', :name => nil, class: "btn btn-default" %>
 <% end %>

Would appreciate any help! Have looked around on a bunch of SO/Railscasts and not sure what to do!

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Where in your code to you use the @places variable you set to the search results? – Skram Aug 9 '14 at 2:07
in my index.html.erb /places <% @places.each do |place| %> – phattiyo Aug 9 '14 at 2:09
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First of all I see something wrong. Define index as this:

def index
   @places =[:kind], params[:location_id])

Also, You might want to actually use a respond_to block to negotiate what the response should be such as html or json.

respond_to do |format|
  format.html { YOUR STUFF HERE }
  format.json { YOUR STUFF HERE }

My best recommendation would be to put a debugger statement after the @places assignment so that you can actually debug what is going on and see what is going on.

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Thanks! That worked! Do you mean something like this? I'm very new to coding, so a bit confused. def index @ places =[:kind], params[:location_id]) respond_to do |format| if @ format.html {redirect_to @ places} format.json {redirect_to @ places} else format.html {redirect_to @ places.all} format.json {redirect_to @ places.all} end end end I put spaces after the @'s for SO – phattiyo Aug 9 '14 at 2:25
First of all. When you are reading parameters passed from the view you need to always use params[:VALUE]. Values are always passed from the form as a hash back to the controller. Doesn't matter if it is a GET, POST, PUT, Form or Querystring. – CarlosCervantes Aug 9 '14 at 2:36

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