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how can i set a date adding 1 day in flex??

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Isn't Flex based on ECMA (basically javascript), if so, try just adding 86400000 milliseconds to the date object? Something like:

var mili = 1000;
var secs = 60;
var mins = 60;
var hours = 24;
var day = hours * mins * secs * mili;
var tomorrow = new Date();
var tomorrow.setTime(tomorrow.getTime() + day);
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nice.. this works.. but this also work tommorow.date = tommorow.date +1 it automatically change the year and month if it reaches the end of each month – Treby Mar 26 '10 at 7:16
That is nice. Would adding 24 hours to a date not do that? – Anthony Mar 26 '10 at 7:20
yah this works.. that y i checked your answer.. – Treby Mar 29 '10 at 1:45

tommorow date arithmetic suggested by @Treby can be uses this way by using Date(year, month, day) constructor :

var now:Date = Date(); 
var currentDate = now.date; 
var currentMonth = now.month; 
var currentYear = now.fullYear; 

var tomorrow:Date = new Date(currentYear, currentMonth, currentDate + 1);  
var lastWeek:Date = new Date(currentYear, currentMonth, currentDate  - 7); 
var lastMonth:Date = new Date(currentYear, currentMonth-1, currentDate); 


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var date:Date = new Date();
date.setDate(date.getDate() + 1);

As this considers the summer timechange days, when days have 23h or 25h.


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I took this helper function from this blog post, but it's just a snippet.

The usage is simple:

 dateAdd("date", +2); //now plus 2 days


static public function dateAdd(datepart:String = "", number:Number = 0, date:Date = null):Date
    if (date == null) {
        date = new Date();

    var returnDate:Date = new Date(date.time);;

    switch (datepart.toLowerCase()) {
        case "fullyear":
        case "month":
        case "date":
        case "hours":
        case "minutes":
        case "seconds":
        case "milliseconds":
            returnDate[datepart] += number;
            /* Unknown date part, do nothing. */
    return returnDate;
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or if you are after a fancy solution you can use the library Flex Date Utils http://flexdateutils.riaforge.org/, which has a lot of useful operations


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