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I am new to the database world and I ran into some problems.... My hard disk on my Mac says I have less than 8gb left of free space. For this reason, I would like to move my MySQL data directory to an external network drive called ls-xld4c. I have been trying to follow the rules to do so via

As noted from step 3 from the link above: I copied the /usr/local/mysql/data directory and all of its files and subdirectories to the
new location at /Volumes/share/MYSQL

So here is what i typed in my terminal:

cd /Volumes/share/MYSQL

cp -R /usr/local/mysql/data

which returns the following: ( i do not know what this means)

usage: cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-fi | -n] [-apvX] source_file target_file
       cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-fi | -n] [-apvX] source_file ... target_directory

Here is some info that might be handy:

1) Server version: 5.6.17 MySQL Community Server (GPL)

2) Where my external drive is located: /Volumes/share

-The network drive is called ls-xld4c and is 1TB in size(I don't know if that is relevant) The specific folder I want to put the directory reads that it is found in... Server : smb://ls-xld4c/share/MYSQL , however /Volumes/share/MYSQL shows that it is a valid directory

3) I do not have a password and the user is root

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you ahve almost done it. The error is flagged because you have not specified the destination directory which should be your current working directory. Please use CO command as:
cp -R /usr/local/mysql/data .
The ending dot means current directory which you have already set by using :
cd /Volumes/share/MYSQL
By the way, the following steps are required:
1. Stop MySQL service.
2. Copy data files from the directory as specified in "my.cnf" or "my.inf"(in case of windows).
3. Paste data to destination dir.
4. Change "my.cnf" or "my.inf" such as the "datadir" entry specifies the destination path.
5. Restart MySQL.

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thanks @Shail for responding. I am having trouble after typing cp -R /usr/local/mysql/data . ... I receive a message saying permission denied How do i get through this? – Rime Aug 10 '14 at 4:25
Please check and make sure that you have write-permission on the current working directory that is /Volumes/share/MYSQL and sorry for delay... – Shail Pandey Aug 13 '14 at 6:55

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