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I'm considering Android development. I have already used Android Studio (without any knowledge of Java), and made some really bad applications. Now I've worked on my Java fundamentals and again want go about making some simple (and later on pretty serious) Android applications.

Should I learn a lot of XML? (I have no background of any markup language ) And can you suggest which IDE is easy to use for beginners? Perhaps Eclipse or Android Studio?

Is Android Studio set to become the primary Android development environment in the future?

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If you are going to program for Android, Android Studio is definitely the way to go. Android Studio uses Gradle, a project management system, that many Android libraries now use too, so later on when you start using libraries you will have it much easier with Android Studio.

Other than that, it is not that hard switching IDEs. Just recently I've switched from Eclipse to Android Studio. While at first I hated using another IDE, now, about a month later, I can use both pretty well. :)

You should definitely learn XML, as it isn't that hard. Just keep in mind that XML is just the structure. Besides some standard tags, most names are specific to what you use XML for. That means, Android will use other names than for example Maven does (Maven is another project management system that also uses XML). Once you understand XML it will be easy to dive into other projects that also use XML.

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Thanks , for the clear answer –  Droid Ics Aug 9 '14 at 10:19

I was using Eclipse for three years now. And yesterday I begin using Android Studio.

Truth be told, you should use Android Studio :

  • it's entirely adapted for Android (because it was created for)
  • It uses gradle (you'll gain so much time with the libraries)
  • The xml layout is better : in the same window you have both the xml code and the result

I didn't see all of the advantages of this solution, but in only one day, I already prefer this solution.

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Actually it depends on your preference. I have been using eclipse for 2 years so I will go Eclipse any day but since you have just started I would recommend you use Android studio as it has been designed for android only.

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