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How can I setup programatically the @Scheduled annotation?

For example:

@Scheduled(fixedDelay = 600000)
private void checkUserMostView(){...}


Although the solution provided by the buddies more below it's alright, finally I have decided to implement this other aproximation.


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Sorry I think I misunderstood your question. Did you mean you wanted to be able to trigger the scheduling in your program? The answer I have below doesn't do that. –  peeskillet Aug 9 at 11:21
The following link may be helpful –  peeskillet Aug 9 at 11:47
This could be helpful: stackoverflow.com/questions/4816568/… –  jny Aug 9 at 14:38
Why do you want to do this? There are a lot of components involved. –  Sotirios Delimanolis Aug 9 at 17:18
Thank you to all, but finally I have decided to use this implementation rockyj.in/2011/06/29/using-spring-for-scheduling-tasks.html –  Dani Aug 11 at 16:53

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