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I've got macros defined in file 'A'. I'd like to use the macros in other files, e.g. file B.

Is this possible? I know of course that I could use the compiled results of the macro in file B, but I'd like to use the macro there too.


macro test {

test 1
test 2


test 3
test 4
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Yes, you need to use the --module flag and export your macro in file A. It's documented here.

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You can surely do it!

You'll need to export the macro and pass the file name as a parameter when compiling.

Look this:


macro set {
    rule { $i:ident = $value:lit } => {
        var $i = $value;
export set;


macro id {
    rule { $i:ident } => 
export id;

And while compiling:

 => # sjs --module ./set.sjs ./id.sjs
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