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Is it possible to embed / integrate SAP Webdynpro pages / applications into nomral websites / web-applications (for example html, asp.net php, ...) ?

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You can "integrate" pretty much everything with <a href= - unless you're more specific about what you want to achieve, that question is hard to answer. –  vwegert Mar 27 '10 at 10:18

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Im not sure if its possible out of the box but im guessing you could capture all the generated HTML and feed it a div in a page? So create the webDynpro page you want to show then using server side or client side code call the URI and dump the content into a div. The hard part would be stripping out unwanted HTML (just getting whats between the body tags). You could, use an iframe if this is to diffucult though.

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According to my understanding you can embed webdynpro applications in any web application by using the web service it generates when the WD application is created.You can call the URL wherever you want the WD application to run and it will do its respective job.Not to mention both the application should use the same database.

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