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I need to get my Perl CGI application to interact with ms federation using SAML to get SSO to work.

Looks like Net::SAML is hard to install on Strawberry.

Anyone managed to do this, and could give me a hint how do to?

Issues so far:

  • tarball contains a sybolic link to ., so extraction crashes. (also crashes under linux/ubuntu) (walk-around: hack tarzip.pm to ignore the error, then copy the linked files manually
  • Installation seems to need cygwin and/or mingw and/or java in specific locations?
  • makefile seems to contain an error in line 606, missing ), (minor)
  • dmake rejects the enire makefile due to vpath issues, if installing manually
  • etc.

Net::SAML2 does not seem to install very well either.

Tried both on win7, win2008, Umbutu with Perl 5.18, and Win 2008R2 with Perl 5.20.

Other options to talk SAML for a Perl application would also be appreciated.

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