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I have student node with marks. I need to display rank, username and marks. But I am storing username, marks in the database. I have tried following

MATCH (s:student) WHERE s.marks > 70 RETURN s.marks as marks, s.uasername as name ORDER BY s.marks DESC

Output is

    marks   |  name
    95         user1
    94         user2
    93         user3
    93         user4

So here i want rank 3 for both user3, user4.

    marks   |  name    | rank
    95         user1      1
    94         user2      2
    93         user3      3
    93         user4      3

Any suggestion.

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Cypher does not have a rank function. I guess the most easy way is to solve that problem on client side. –  Stefan Armbruster Aug 11 at 7:05

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You could group them by marks, then the order of your result represents the ranks.

MATCH (s:student) WHERE s.marks > 70 
RETURN s.marks as marks, colleect(s.username) as names 
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I need to display the ranks of those particular users –  Eswara Reddy Aug 11 at 10:22

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