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I have ipython notebook running on a remote server, i.e.

ipython notebook --profile=nbserver

which I access from my local machine. Further, I ssh to the remote server from my machine, and start ipython console (terminal) on that server. I have found following command to work well:

ipython console --existing \

Now I am connected to the same remote kernel from two different clients (lets call them browser and terminal). Everything works well, except one annoying detail:

1) in browser, I type a=1

2) in terminal, I type b=2

3) in both clients I can see both commands using %history. But when I want to cycle through the history (in terminal) using Up, it only shows the commands which have been typed in the terminal, (i.e b=2). Similarly, I am unable to use a + PageDown in the terminal, to go back in history and find the command starting with a.

From what I understand, my two clients are using two separate history files history.sqlite. But why does %history show all commands ?

Question: Is there any way to configure using one history.sqlite for both clients ?

I find, having easy access to history is absolutely crucial. Moreover, I see using both terminal and browser as complementary, they both have tradeoffs and are best used combined.

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You can set where the history gets loaded either by setting it at the terminal:

ipython --HistoryManager.hist_file=$HOME/ipython_hist.sqlite

or within the ipython config files:

import os
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and will the history database handle access from two clients concurrently ? – Martin Vegter Aug 9 '14 at 20:18
I'm guessing they are going to clobber each other actually, since it's one sqlite file... Might as well try it out and see what happens though! – Probably rgbkrk Aug 9 '14 at 20:53
and how come %history shows complete history in both clients? – Martin Vegter Aug 9 '14 at 21:58

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