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I'm trying to pass JSON Object from PHP like this:

    "shops": [{
        "invoices": [{
            "details": [{
            }, {
        }, {
        "invoices": [{
            "details": [{
            }, {

I have this function and it's working, but when database returns a lot of records I get memory limit exhausted. I don't want to increase memory limit. What is the best practice?

function loadusers() {
    $return = array();

    $query = "SELECT FROM users u";
    $users = mysql_query($query);

    while($user = mysql_fetch_assoc($users)) {
        $query = "SELECT FROM shops s WHERE s.id_user = ".$user['id'];
        $shops = mysql_query($query);

        while($shop = mysql_fetch_assoc($shops)) {                
            $query = "SELECT FROM invoices i WHERE i.id_shop = ".$shop['id'];
            $invoices = mysql_query($query);

            while($invoice = mysql_fetch_assoc($invoices)) {                
                $query = "SELECT FROM invoice_details d WHERE d.id_inv = ".$invoice['id'];
                $details = mysql_query($query);

                while($detail = mysql_fetch_assoc($details)) {                
                    $invoices['details'][] = $detail;

                $shop['invoices'][] = $invoice;

            $user['shops'][] = $shop;

        $return[] = $user;

    return $return;

Thanks in advance.

Following fiction's answer:

I created new query:

SELECT as id_user, as id_shop, as id_invoice, as id_detail
    users u LEFT JOIN shops s ON s.id_user =
    LEFT JOIN invoices i ON i.id_shop =
    LEFT JOIN invoice_details d ON d.id_invoice =


Query result

Is there a syntax sugar to convert it to expected JSON object like above or do I have to manually parsing the result into PHP array then do the json_encode?

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You can do it with one query using JOINS and you will not be needed cycles, query for your situation:

SELECT as uid, as sid, as iid, as did
    users INNER JOIN shops ON shops.id_user =,
    invoices INNER JOIN shops ON invoices.id_shop =,
    invoice_details INNER JOIN invoices ON invoice_details.id_inv =;

Maybe it will be better for you to use another join (not inner), depending on what you want, so some more about joins:

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Added update in question, and I think I need one more step. – Jeaf Gilbert Aug 9 '14 at 20:23
@Jeaffrey no its not any way to obtain json in one step. You need to obtain an array first. Also DONT USE MYSQL_CONNECT FUNCTIONS. They are !deprecated! and it's very VERY !V E R Y! AWFUL to use them. Sorry for caps. Use mysqli functions or PDO class with prepared statements (if you want beautiful and safe code). – fiction Aug 9 '14 at 20:30

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